Championship Results - 1974 to 1981

World Championship for Makes (WCM)

The World Sportscar Championship (named as World Championship for Makes for the mid '70s) was the world series run for sports car racing by the FIA from 1953 to 1992. The championship evolved from a small collection of the most important sportscar, endurance and road racing events in Europe and North America with dozens of gentleman drivers at the grid, to a professional racing series where the world's largest automakers spent millions of dollars per year. The official name of the series changed throughout the years, however it has generally been known as the World Sportscar Championship from its inception in 1953.

From 1976 to 1981 the series was open to Group 5 Special Production cars and other production based categories including Group 4 Grand Touring cars and it was during this period that the nearly-invincible Porsche 935 Turbo dominated the championship.

1976 (DE) Porsche 95 (DE) BMW 85 (IT) DeTomaso 18
1977 (DE) Porsche 140 (DE) BMW 55.5 (IT) DeTomaso 12
1978 (DE) Porsche 120 (IT) DeTomaso 8 (US) Chevrolet 4
1979 (DE) Porsche 140 (IT) Ferrari 30 (IT) DeTomaso 6
1980 (DE) Porsche 160 (IT) Lancia 40 (IT) Ferrari 12
1981 (DE) Porsche 100 (DE) BMW 52 (IT) Ferrari 15
DIVISION1 (under 2.0lt)
1976 (US) Ford 75 (DE) BMW 55 (FR) Alpine 12
1977 (DE) BMW 90 (US) Ford 32 (IT) Fiat 20
1978 (DE) BMW 120 (DE) Porsche 12 (IT) Fiat 10
1979 (IT) Lancia 50 (DE) BMW 32 (US) Ford | (DE) Porsche 30
1980 (IT) Lancia 160 (DE) BMW 59 (DE) Porsche 15
1981 (IT) Lancia 100 (DE) BMW 22.5 (DE) Opel 5

European Touring Car Championship (ETCC)

The European Touring Car Challenge, as it was originally known, was started in 1963 by Willy Stenger, who created the series at the behest of the FIA. Cars competed under FIA Group 2 Improved Touring Car regulations which allowed a variety of touring cars of different sizes and engine displacements to race together.

Following the 1973 oil crisis the '74-'75 seasons had few entrants. It was only in 1977 that the situation was normalised with the return of factory teams. Rules allowed Group 2 and Group 1B "National" cars to compete together.

1974 (DE) Hans Heyer 76 (BE) Alain Peltier 68 (DE) Klaus Ludwig 56
1975 (DE) Siegfried Muller
(BE) Alain Peltier
80 (IT) Martino Finotto 54 (DE) Hans Heyer 42
1976 (BE) Jean Xhenceval
(BE) Pierre Dieudonne
125 (BE) Hughes de Fierlant 112 (IT) Amerigo Bigliazzi 78
1977 (AT) Dieter Quester 125 (IT) Carlo Facetti 119 (BE) Jean Xhenceval
(BE) Pierre Dieudonne
1978 (IT) Umberto Grano 135 (DE) Willi Bergmeister
(CH) Jorg Siegrist
96 (IT) Carlo Facetti
(IT) Martino Finotto
1979 (IT) Carlo Facetti
(IT) Martino Finotto
160 (BE) Jean Xhenceval
(BE) Pierre Dieudonne
(BE) Raijmond van Hove
134 (IT) Umberto Grano
(BE) Eddy Joosen
1980 (DE) Siegfried Muller Jr
(DE) Helmut Kelleners
107 (IT) Umberto Grano 88 (AT) Harald Neger
(AT) Heribert Werginz
1981 (IT) Umberto Grano
(DE) Helmut Kelleners
123 (DE) Willi Bergmeister
(ES) Jaime de Madrid
69 (IT) Enzo Calderari
(IT) Marco Vanoli

International Motor Sports Association (IMSA)

The series was founded in 1969 by John and Peggy Bishop and Bill France - racing debuted in 1971. It was originally aimed at two of FIA's stock car categories running at two different classes, the GT (Group 3 and 4) and Touring (Group 1 and 2) cars. The first race was held at Virginia International Raceway; it was an unexpected hit with both the drivers and a handful of spectators who attended.

For the following year, IMSA founder John Bishop brought in sponsor R. J. Reynolds and in 1975, introduced a new category called All American Grand Touring (AAGT). In 1977, the series would go through a series of major changes. IMSA permitted turbocharged cars for the first time as well as introducing a new category called GTX for cars based on the Group 5 rules.

GTX class GTO class GTU class
1974 - (US) Peter Gregg Porsche 911 RSR (US) Walt Maas Datsun 240Z
1975 - (US) Peter Gregg Porsche 911 RSR (US) Bob Sharp Datsun 240Z
1976 - (US) Al Holbert Chevrolet Monza (US) Brad Frisselle Datsun 240Z
1977 - (US) Al Holbert Chevrolet Monza (US) Walt Maas Porsche 914/6
1978 (US) Peter Gregg Porsche 935 Turbo (US) Dave Cowart Porsche 911 RSR (US) Dave White Porsche 911 RS
1979 (US) Peter Gregg Porsche 935 Turbo (US) Howard Meister Porsche 911 RSR (US) Don Devendorf Datsun 240Z
1980 (UK) John Fitzpatrick Porsche 935 Turbo (DR) Luis Mendez Porsche 911 RSR (US) Walt Bohren Mazda RX7
1981 (UK) John Fitzpatrick Porsche 935 Turbo (US) Dave Cowart BMW M1 (US) Lee Mueller Mazda RX7

Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft (DRM)

Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft (translated as German Racing Championship) or simply DRM as it was known, was a Touring car and Sportscar racing series. It is the predecessor of the current DTM as Germany's top national series.

The DRM began in 1972 as a Group 2 touring car and Group 4 GT racing series. In these years, the same or similar cars were also entered in the European Touring Car Championship. Races were run separately as big Division 1 (for 2 to 4 liter) and small Division 2 (under 2 liter) in a sprint format.

In 1977, Group 5 cars were admitted into the series, making the series better supported with Gr.5 cars than the World Championship of Makes they were intended for. These fast and spectacular turbocharged cars with wide fenders and wings had many fans. Especially the Porsche 935 Turbo outpowered F1 cars. During common testing sessions at Circuit Paul Ricard, 935 passed them on the long Mistral straight. In 1979, the Rennsport Trophae (Racing Trophy) was introduced for the cheaper original series protagonists, the Group 2 and 4 cars. It consisted of combined races with the DRM until 1981.

1974 (DE) Dieter Glemser (DE) Zakspeed Racing Ford Escort RS
1975 (DE) Hans Heyer (DE) Zakspeed Racing Ford Escort RS
1976 (DE) Hans Heyer (DE) Zakspeed Racing Ford Escort II RS
1977 (DE) Rolf Stommelen (DE) Georg Loos Racing Porsche 935 Turbo
1978 (AT) Harald Ertl (DE) Schnitzer Motorsport BMW 320i Turbo
1979 (DE) Klaus Ludwig (DE) Kremer Racing Porsche 935 Turbo
1980 (DE) Hans Heyer (IT) Lancia Corse Lancia Beta Montecarlo Turbo
1981 (DE) Klaus Ludwig (DE) Zakspeed Racing Ford Capri III Turbo
1974 (DE) Dieter Glemser Ford Escort RS 137 (DE) Jorg Obermoser BMW 2002 132 (DE) Klaus Ludwig Ford Capri II RS 113


(DE) Hans Heyer Ford Escort RS 120 (DE) Klaus Ludwig Ford Escort RS 112 (DE) Albrecht Krebs BMW 3.5 CSL 102


(DE) Hans Heyer Ford Escort II RS 160 (DE) Klaus Ludwig Ford Escort II RS 115 (FR) Bob Wollek Porsche 911 RSR 114


(DE) Rolf Stommelen Porsche 935 Turbo 160 (FR) Bob Wollek Porsche 935 Turbo 152 (DE) Manfred Winkelhock BMW 320i Turbo 108


(AT) Harald Ertl BMW 320i Turbo 162 (NL) Toine Hezemans Porsche 935 Turbo 140 (FR) Bob Wollek Porsche 935 Turbo 131


(DE) Klaus Ludwig Porsche 935 Turbo 215 (DE) Hans Heyer Ford Capri III Turbo 177 (DE) Manfred Winkelhock BMW 320i Turbo 139


(DE) Hans Heyer Lancia Beta Turbo 156 (DE) Hans-Joachim Stuck BMW 320i Turbo 145 (DE) Klaus Ludwig Ford Capri III Turbo 143


(DE) Klaus Ludwig Ford Capri III Turbo 215 (FR) Bob Wollek Porsche 935 Turbo 179 (DE) Manfred Winkelhock Ford Capri III Turbo 174


A.S.P.M Tandy MAaron RentsAase Bros.Aase Bros. / BorsosAbex Pagid Racing TeamAbt-Hinse-MotorsportAC Dinamo SlovenijaautoADAC NordrheinADAC SiegerlandAET EngineeringAir Press WinddeflectorsAl CartlidgeAl ThomasAlbert NockenwellenAlbrecht KrebsAlderman DatsunAlexandre WillemsAlf GebhardtAlfa IsertAlfred S. CosentinoAlois RoppesAltec/LansingAmerican European SVCAmil Racing TeamAMK AZNP Mlada BoleslavAMK DPmB BratislavaAMK LiberecAMK PrahaAMK Slovnaft BratislavaAMK SSZ PrahaAMK Stavby silnic a Zeleznic Praha AMK Svazarmu BratislavaAMK Svazarmu DPMB BratislavaAMK Svazarmu LiberecAMK Svazarmu OstravaAMK Svazarmu PrahaAMK UDPMJFAMS BudapestAndial RacingAndial Racing/Meister HomesAndre HallerAngelini RacingAngelo PallaviciniAnny Charlotte VerneyAnton FischhaberAntonin TvrdyApplejack RacingARBO St JohannARC BrnoArmor All Racing TeamArnold SchainArt Siri JrASA CachiaASA Cachia BondyASA Cachia SeikoASA Corsa Marche 38ASR RacingAudi MotorsportAudio - Vision Rister S.A.Auto Daniel UrcunAuto SenseAuto Skoda Mlada BoleslavAutocavanAutodelta S.p.A.Autohaus GleichAutohaus K. OppitzhauserAutohaus Knippschild/ OK TuningAutohaus Max MoritzAutohaus WollstadtAutoklub Dinamo ZagrebAutomotive EnterprisesAutomotive InternationalAutosport TechnologyAutovamaAZNPAZNP Mlada BoleslavB. R. RacingBabe s GarageBaker Auto ServiceBaker RacingBalafre Lancome RacingBarrick Motor RacingBASF Glysantin/ Team GS-SportBASF Team GS SportBautek GmbHBavaria Team/ Drinda&Trick RacingBavarian Motor WorksBavarian Motors InternationalBayside Disposal - BrumosBayside Disposal RacingBayside RacingBeccara Wohnbau Racing TeamBelcher RacingBelgian Audi VW ClubBelgian VW ClubBenedens AutomobiltechnikBergischer Motor ClubBergischer MSC im ADACBeurlysBeurlys Inter AutoBeverly P-A / MitcomBickel-TuningBig Apple Racing - ChampaleBill Arnold RacingBill PolichBill ScottBMRBMW BelgiumBMW Club PrahaBMW Faltz EssenBMW FranceBMW HermetiteBMW Italia OsellaBMW Italia/ORECABMW Italie-FranceBMW Junior TeamBMW Matras cavalloBMW Motorsport GmbHBMW of North AmericaBMW SchweizBMW SwedenBMW ZOL AutoBMW-AlpinaBMW-Fighter-TuningBMW-SchnitzerBob Akin Motor RacingBob Barnes RacingBob Beasley RacingBob Garretson / Cooke-Woods RacingBob Gregg RacingBob HagestadBob Hagestad Porsche AudiBob HarmonBob Hindson RacingBob Sharp RacingBob SpeakmanBoeli Enterprises Inc.Bohemia Crystal LiberecBolus & SnopesBon Temps RacingBond RacingBonky FernandezBonnie HennBoricua RacingBP Racing / Anny Charlotte VerneyBrad Frisselle RacingBrambring RacingBrauneiser RenntechnikBruce CanepaBruce JenningsBruce WallerBrumos Porsche-AudiBrumos RacingBrun MotorsportBrut 33 Racing TeamBudweiserBurton of LondonBusch Beer RacingBuschor TuningBytzek Automotive DesignC. H. Pozzi/J.M.S. RacingCanon Cameras Racing with GTI EngineeringCapra LepriCarl Shafer RacingCarlo PietromarchiCarter Racing ServicesCasey MollettCassani RacingCastrol Austria GmbHCavallo MatrasCh. Pozzi - JMS RacingChamberlainChandler Ibec InternationalCharles Ivey RacingCharles PelzCharles Pozzi S.A.Charlie KempChip Mead racingChitwood RacingChris Cord RacingChristian BussiChristian Bussi/DenverChristoph EsserChuck PhillippiClaude BourgoignieClaude HaldiClaudio MagnaniClimaxCoca-Cola RacingCoco Lopez/Pina ColadaCooper-FaureCrevier ImportsCrossroads Coachwork CentreCRRD & W - Zakspeed TeamDan Ward RacingDaniel MunizDatsun BuzbeeDatsun SpekmanDatsun Team EuropeDave White RacingDavid Deacon RacingDavidson RacingDekon EngineeringDelta RacingDeNarvaez EnterprisesDenny WilsonDerek McMahon RacingDesperado RacingDeutsche ToyotaDick Barbour RacingDicom CorporationDiego Febles RacingDiermeier RacingDieter AlzenDieter DrewesDipl.-G. OettingerDominique LacaudDon HainesDon KearneyDon Winters RacingDorener MotorsportclubDowning/AtlantaDrago RegvartDrolsom RacingDynasalesEarle & Akin Racing AssociatesEast Belgian Racing TeamEcurie Arc-en-CielEcurie BasiliskEcurie Buchet - Cyril GrandetEcurie du NordEcurie EscargotEcurie FrancorchampsEcurie JemedaEcurie Robert BuchetEcurie TamacoEdelweiss PorschausEggenberger MotorsportEgon Evertz KGEichberg RacingElectramotiveElectrodyne RacingEleven Tenths RacingEminence Racing TeamEmka Productions Ltd.EPN AutomobilsportEquipe Liqui-MolyErich SchormannEscuderia MontjuichEscuderia TibidaboESS-SkibindungenEugen KiemeleEuropa-Mobel Team ZakspeedExecutive IndustriesF. J. Maka RacingFaltz-Alpina EssenFAR PerformanceFar West RacingFenstermann RennsportFirst Overall CorporationFlying Tigers-Garretson RacingFordFord Berkenkamp RacingFord Gerstmann Racing TeamFord Grab Weisberg WerkzeugeFord Grab-Weisberg-WerkzeugeFord OdenthalFord SmithFord-PohlFormel Rennsport ClubFormelrennsport Club ZurichFoto-Quele/ Max Moritz Racing TeamFrancisco Mir Racing TeamFrank LearyFrank SearchFranz AbeleFranz GschwenderFranz PrentzelFRCFrisselle RacingFritz HochreuterFruit of the Loom/Team GS-SportFull-Time RacingGabriele CapoferriGallant Racing SupplyGante RacingGarage du BacGarcia BrothersGarcia RacingGarretson RacingGarrett WaddellGeeraerts and BerengerGeeraerts-Berenger / YaccoGelo Racing Team Georg LoosGene FeltonGene HarringtonGeorg StummeyerGeorge DickinsonGeorge DrolsomGeorge Dyer RacingGeorges BourdillatGerd HermannGerhard LassigGerhard ReissGianpiero MorettiGiovanni Del BuonoGiuseppe BriozzoGlenn BunchGlenn KlimekGlenn WorthingtonGlysantin GS-Rennsport-TeamGMS-RacingGrab RacingGreen RacingGregg LoomisGroup 24 LtdGroup 44 RacingGroup 7 Race Dev.GS Tuning Fischer TechnikGuido LevettoGunther KnippschildGunther ScherfGunther SchneiderGustav FischerGuy ChasseuilGVEAH Philipp Muller KGH. I. KleinpeterH.S.M. RacingHaberthur / Mecarillos RacingHagen ArltHagestad PorscheHahn Sportwagen GmbHHakspeedHal Shaw RacingHallet Motor Racing CircuitHallett Motor Racing CircuitHamilton House RacingHannen AltHannes PennartzHans Christian JurgensenHans HalfmannHans ObermaierHans StuckenbrockHarald MullerHaribo Racing TeamHarry BytzekHarry SchulzeHartwig BertramsHAT-Freizeit-Racing-Team 77Hebe RacingHector Huerta RacingHeidegger Racing TeamHeimrath RacingHeinrich HaagHeinz IsertHeinz-Dieter WernerHeinz-Jugen OchsenfortHelmuth Marko RSMHenri GrederHenri van OorschotHerbert Muller RacingHerman + MillerHermetite BMWHerve PoulainHohmann Automations TechnikHolbert RacingHolbert/Dickinson RacingHolley & LaGrowHolvoet RacingHoward MeisterHowey FarmsHRP Team Radio CarolineHubertus NeumannHuffaker EngineeringHugh KleinpeterHurtig Team LibraIFM Efector ElectronicIgnacio GonzalezImmo Klein RacingInnovation RacingInterfunkInterlance UitzendbureauInterscope RacingIppocampos RacingIrmen WerbungIrmscher TuningJack RefenningJagermeister Racing TeamJan LundgardhJanis TaylorJanos TothJavier Garcia Ent.Jean-Claude AubrietJean-Claude GuerieJean-Louis ChateauJean-Pierre JarierJeffrey LovingJerry HansenJerry JollyJerry MurchJim BorsosJim BusbyJim Busby RacingJim Cook RacingJim SpeckJLP RacingJMS Racing / ASA CachiaJMS Racing-PozziJoachim ScheefeldtJoe CrevierJoel AndersonJoest RacingJoest Racing (Tebernum)John Fitzpatrick RacingJohn GravesJohn GreenwoodJohn Greenwood RacingJohn GunnJohn HulenJohn MortonJohn PaulJohn StevensJohnson-Bozzani Porsche-AudiJolly ClubJolly Club - Sportwagen RacingJolly Club / Lancia CorseJolly Club / LubrifilmJolly Club MilanoJon MowattJon NormanJonesJones Industries RacingJosef BrambringJuan MontalvoJuan OliveraJurgen Hamelmann TeamJurgen KarichJurgen OppermannJurgen ZittK.W.M. RacingKamei AutoextrasKamei Spoiler TuningKamei-AutoextrasKannacher GTKannacher GT RacingKannacher RacingKarl-Heinz BeckerKarl-Heinz ConradKarl-Josef RomerKauffman RacingKegel EnterprisesKeirn GarageKemp MotoracingKemp TuningKen StarbirdKen WilliamsKendrick RacingKennedy CohenKenneth LeimKent RacingKilian TuningKirby Hitchcock RacingKissling MotorsportKlaus BielerKlaus DreesKlaus LiegensaKoll Motor SportsKonrad RacingKonrad-RacingKores RacingKoster KrepschikKremer ElfKremer Racing Team WallysKurt FuchsKurt MayerKuzmanovicKWL Motorsport LangenfeldL Escalier (Night Club & Restaurant)Lancer StoresLancia CorseLancia MarlboroLancome Paris Balafre Racing TeamLatariLatino RacingLe Cheminot restaurantLeitzinger RacingLeldon Blackwell RacingLewis ApparelLiqui MolyLiqui Moly EquipeLiqui Moly GmbHLiqui Moly Joest RacingLiqui Moly ZakspeedLogan BlackburnLothar WagnerLouis MeznaireLouis MeznarieLubrifilm RacingLubrifilm Racing TeamLubrifilm Schnitzer BMW TeamLucky Star Wallys JeansLudwig HeimrathLuigi RacingLuis Mendez racingLuis SereixLundgardh/ Dinitrol CenterLynn SouthMalardeau Kremer RacingMalaya Garage Ltd.Mampe Ford Zakspeed TeamMancuso ChevroletManfred CassaniManfred Winkelhock RacingMarc DancoseMarcel MignotMarch EngineeringMarch RacingMario RuosoMartini PorscheMartini RacingMartini Racing Porsche SystemMarty HinzeMason RacingMasseys AutoMasterson teamMatthes FrankfurtMaurice Carter RacingMax Moritz GmbHMax Moritz TeamMazdaspeedMcCandless AutomotiveMcLaren North AmericaMcLaren North AmericanMeccarillos Racing TeamMeisberg RacingMemphis Team InternationalMendener AutomobilsportclubMendez RacingMetal Craft RacingMFK Team BurscheidMich Opel TuningMichael DegenhardtMichael KeyserMichael OleyarMiller and NorburnMiller BrothersModena EngineeringMomo/ElectrodyneMondelo / ASA CachiaMonte s MotorsMonte SheltonMontura RacingMontura Ranch EstatesMoran ConstructionMorfe RacingMorfe Racing with PolaroofMorrisons IncMSC Bad CannstattMSC Scuderia MitwitzMSC StuttgartMSC Wahlscheid e. V. im ADACMSTC Erbach DMVMuller TuningMullerbrau TeamMW-Faltz-Alpina-TuningN.A.R.T.Napolina Alfa Romeo TeamNeusser MSCNorddeutscher AutomobilclubNorm RidgelyNorth American Racing TeamNorthlake Porsche-AudiNothelle TuningNTS RacingOest Tillson RacingOftedahl TruckingOptische Werke RodenstockOrtman CarsOrvema BV/ CoolmixOsella-BMW-ItaliaPallvano CorsePaul HeckerPaul HofmannPaul LassnigPaul WunschPepe RomeroPerformance ExportPerformance Plus ProductsPerformance SpecialistsPersonalized AutohausPersonalized PorschePeter HansenPeter HoffmannPeter ValderPeterson TractorPhantom RacingPharr YarnsPhil CurrinPhil Henny RacingPickett RacingPJ Green RacingPolifac Gelo Racing TeamPolifac Racing Team GeloPorsche AlmerasPorsche Cars AustraliaPorsche Club RomandPorsche FreemanPorsche GabanPorsche KannacherPorsche Kremer RacingPorsche Kremer Racing / FisonsPorsche Kremer Racing Team/ GojjyPorsche SystemPorsche System CanonPorsche-Audi NorthwestPostert Toyota TeamPostert-Toyota-TeamPrancing Horse Farms RacingPrecision LiegeoisePresto FluxPreston HennPreston Henn RacingPro-Motor EgineeringProject Four RacingPulse RacingR & R RacingR. Lloyd Racing LtdR. V. Shulnburg Scrap MetalRace Ent. & Devel. Corp.Race MastersRacing Associates IncRacing BeatRacing Team JurgensenRacing Team TissotRacing-Team Paul MahlkeRallye Gemeinschaft RosenheimRallyegemeinschaft UlmRamsey Ferrari / ModenaRaymond TouroulRaytown DatsunRed Lobster RacingRed Roof InnsReine Wisell Racing TeamRemco TeamRenngem. SieglarRenngemeinschaft Bergisch-GladbachRenngemeinschaft Bergisch-Gladbach eVRenngemeinschaft MSC LangenfeldRenngemeinschaft SieglarRennod RacingRG UlmRGA Sohler Ski Racing TeamRhein Ruhr Racing TeamRich SlomaRichard CleareRichard Cleare RacingRichard MattozzaRichard OrtmanRick HayRick MancusoRick ThompkinsRidgely RacingRK-Tuning Opel Haus KGRK-Tuning Opel Haus KG HennefRob RedekerRobert BuchetRobert EberhardtRobert HagestadRodenstock Wurth TeamRoehrig RacingRoger MandevilleRoger Mandeville Racing EnterprisesRoger PierceRolf GoringRon CouplandRonnie ScottsRonnie Scotts ClubRosso Ltd.Round Table RacingRoy WoodsRoyal RacingRSR AssociatesRudiger DahlhauserRudolf StroblRummel MineralolspeditionRuschp-HuemerRynone IndustriesSachs SportingSamson Kremer TeamSAR BernSauber Racing SwitzerlandSCA European Road ServicesSCA Freight LtdSchiller Racing TeamSchnabl Racing TeamSchneider AutohausSchnitzer TeamSchultz-GruppeScorpio RacingScuderia AteneoScuderia BasileaScuderia Brescia CorseScuderia Gulf Rondini Citta dei MilleScuderia Lancia CorseScuderia Lang VerpackungenScuderia Mille MigliaScuderia MunchenScuderia SchwabenScuderia Super Car BellancautoSegolenSekurit Racing TeamShafer Farms RacingShark RacingSherrillShow Cars of FloridaSidney SmithSim JunkiesSimcasport W. HeidenSimon PhillipsSkip DeAscentisSolomone RacingSouthard RacingSouthpoint PorscheSpiess - Jagermeister Racing-TeamSpiess TuningSports Ltd RacingSportwagenSportwagen H. StahlbergSquadra CaposcaricoStape RacingStarbriteStaschen Racing-TeamSteve O RourkeStratagraph IncSun Systems / Whittington Brothers RacingT & R RacingT-Bird Swap ShopT. W. Robinson DemolitionTAGTakondo RacingTalbot RenngemeinschaftTeam 43/70 AutodeltaTeam Air Press WinddeflectorsTeam Baracuda TauchsportTeam BeilckeTeam BesicoTeam Best Hi-FiTeam BMW AlpinaTeam BrockTeam Castrol Juergen RassmussenTeam Claude DuboisTeam DuboisTeam Esso-AseptogylTeam Europa Mobel/ GS-BMW-TuningTeam Firestone HamburgTeam GS-Sport/ WinnebagoTeam HeideggerTeam Immobilien G. ReissTeam KneippTeam LepitreTeam MendenTeam MenzenbachTeam PanteraTeam Precision Liegeoise/Serge PowerTeam Rodenstock Albert AustriaTeam SchnitzerTeam WarsteinerTeam Warsteiner - TBS ErbachTeam Warsteiner GS-TuningTeam WillemeTeam ZakspeedTeam Zakspeed RoushTeam-Albert-RodenstockTeam-Sonnenschein-BatterienTebernum Porsche Racing TeamTed MatheyTerry WoltersThe Tune-Up ShopThierry PerrierThunderbird Swap ShopTim MorganTL Racing ABTLC RacingToad Hall RacingTom CicconeTom FrankTom MastersonTom StatesToon SuykerbuykToshiba BuromaschinenTOYOTA AGToyota AG SchweizToyota Racing SquadTOYOTA SwitzerlandTOYOTA Team BelgiumTOYOTA Team EuropeToyota VillageToyota-DeutschlandTracy PerformanceTrinity RacingTuckers Fast Food Franchise Ltd.Tuff Kote Dinol RacingUAMK CSSR Praha USA RacingVaillant Kremer RacingValvoline DeutschlandVan Arnem RacingVasek Polak RacingVastkuststuganVegla Racing TeamVeytal TuningVictorVittorio CiardiVolgesberger-BlockhauserVon K RacingVW MotorsportVW Motorsport JagermeisterWagner/ DenzelWaiblinger Motorsportclub e.V. im ADACWalt Bohren RacingWalt MaasWalter BrunWalter MaurerWalter PruserWalter Wolf RacingWaltraud OdenthalWaltraud Stohr-OdenthalWarren Agor Racing EnterprisesWarsteinerWeisberg Gelo Racing TeamWera-Meissberg-TeamWeralit Racing TeamWerner FrankWerner StruckWestern Motor WorksWhitehall Capital Promotions LimitedWhittington BrothersWicky Racing TeamWilli HatjeWilliam SalaWilly F Racing TeamWing Services IncWolfgang BollerWolfgang DimmendaalWolfgang MayWollstadtWrangler Racing TeamWuerth-Lubrifilm Team SauberWurth BMW FaltzWurth-HATWurth-Kraus-Zakspeed TeamWurth-Zakspeed TeamWynnsWynns Brad FrisselleZ & W Enterprises IncZender GmbHZO Svazarmu Bana CigelZO Zvazarmu AMK SlovnaftZol Auto
Adolf FesarekAdrian GangAdrian Yates-SmithAl CartlidgeAl CosentinoAl HolbertAl RatcliffAl ThomasAl UnserAl Unser JrAlain BeauchefAlain CorbisierAlain CoudercAlain CudiniAlain PeltierAlain-Michel BernardAlan JohnsonAlbert NaonAlbert VanierschotAlberto VadiaAlbrecht KrebsAlbrecht SchutzAlec PooleAlessandro UbertiAlex DavidsonAlexander NikischAlexander NolteAlf GebhardtAlfred CosentinoAlfred PreukschatAlfredo GuaranaAllan BarkerAllan MoffatAlois RoppesAmerigo BigliazziAmos JohnsonAnatoly ArutunoffAndras NagyAndre HallerAndre HardyAndrea de CesarisAndreas SchallAndres ContrerasAndy RouseAngelino LepriAngelo PallaviciniAngle MonguzziAnny Charlotte VerneyAnton BarthAnton FischhaberAnton StockerAntonin CharouzAntonin TvrdyArmin BuschorArmin HahneArmin KonigArnold SchainArpad HorvathArrigo FabbriArt PasmasArt Siri JrAxel PlankenhornAxel SonntagBabe HeadleyBarrie WilliamsBarry RobinsonBenny ParsonsBenoit MaechlerBeppe GabbianiBernard BeguinBernard CarlierBernard CheneviereBernard DarnicheBernard de St. HubertBernard SalamBernd BrutschinBernd HerlitzeBernd LilierBernd RenneisenBernd RingshausenBernd SillerBernhard WisslerBert EverettBertram SchaferBill AdamBill ArnoldBill CooperBill JohnsonBill KollBill PolichBill ShawBill WebbeBill WhittingtonBilly HaganBilly SprowlsBo EmanuelssonBo WiedesheimBob AkinBob BarnesBob BeasleyBob BergstromBob BondurantBob EvansBob FisherBob GarretsonBob GreggBob GrossmanBob HagestadBob HarmonBob HindsonBob KirbyBob LeitzingerBob MitchellBob NagelBob NevilleBob PicarielloBob PunchBob SharpBob SpeakmanBob TuliusBob WollekBob ZulkowskiBobby BellBobby CarradineBobby HillinBobby RahalBodo EichnerBonky FernandezBonnie HennBoy HayjeBrad FrisselleBretislav EngeBrett LungerBrian FuerstenauBrian HardacreBrian MuirBrian RedmanBruce CanepaBruce JennerBruce JenningsBruce LevenBruce MacInnesBruce MalleryBruce WallerBruno BeilckeBruno Schmitz-MoormannBud CashenBuddy ParkerBurt GreenwoodBuzz CasonBuzz MarcusCale YarboroughCarl ShaferCarlo FacettiCarlo PietromarchiCarlo RebaiCarlos GonzalezCarlos MoranCarm SolomoneCarson BairdCasey MollettCees SiewertsenCelestin MatlovicChanaudCharles GanoCharles GeeraertsCharles MendezCharles MoranCharles PelzCharles Van StalleCharlie KempChester VincentzChip MeadChris CordChris CraftChristian BussiChristian DannerChristian EthuinChristine DacremontChristoph EsserChuck PhillippiChuck WadeClark HoweyClaud BourgoignieClaude Ballot-LenaClaude BourgoignieClaude CrespinClaude de WaelClaude HaldiClaude HolvoetClaude HolvoetClaudio FrancisciClaudio MagnaniClay RegazzoniClay YoungClde BucetClemens DiewaldClemens SchickentanzClif KearnsCliff McCandlessColin BondCox KocherCraig CarterCraig SiebertCyril GrandetD HebeDagmar SusterDale KochDale KreiderDale KreidlerDale WhittingtonDalibor JanekDan MarvinDan RiceDan SlodowickDaniel BrillatDaniel MunizDanilo FurielliDanny OngaisDany SnobeckDarrell CarterDave CauseyDave CowartDave HeinzDave HelmickDave McPhersonDave WhiteDave YergerDavid da CostaDavid DeaconDavid HobbsDavid KennedyDavid MercerDavid OlimpiDavid PearsonDavid RedszusDel Russo TaylorDennis AaseDennis LanfreDennis RuaDenny WilsonDerek BellDeszi KissDick BarbourDick DavenportDidier PironiDiego FeblesDieter AlzenDieter AnkeleDieter DrewesDieter GartmannDieter GleichDieter GlemserDieter HegelsDieter KindlmannDieter MauritzDieter MeyerDieter OestDieter QuesterDieter SchmidDieter SchornsteinDieter SchulzDieter SelzerDieter SturmDieter WalterscheidDietrich KrummDoc BundyDominique BardiniDominique FornageDominique LacaudDon DevendorfDon HainesDon KearneyDon ParishDon WhittingtonDon YenkoDoug CarmeanDoug MillsDrago RegvartDudley WoodDuilio GhislottiEarl RoeEberhard BraunEberhard SindelEckhard SchimpfEd ParksEd PruttonEddie CheeverEddie JordanEddie VartanEddie WachsEddy JoosenEdgar DorenEdgar GillessenEdi KofelEdmond DoosemanEdouardo MarquezEduardo BarrientosEduardo Lopez NegretteEdwin AbateEdy BrandenbergerEgon EvertzEje ElghElliot Forbes-RobinsonElmar HolscherEmanuele PirroEmiel HolvoetEmilio PaleariEmmanuel RemionEnzo CalderariEric ChapuisEric MandromErich FoidlErich KornmannErich SchieblerErich SchormannErnesto SotoErnie SmithErnst KrausErwin DerichsErwin KremerErwin Van den BroeckEugen KiemeleEugenio BaturoneEugenio BreardF. CornelisseFabrizio ViolatiFalco JansenFlorian VetschFord SmithFrancis PolakFrancisco RomeroFrancisco TorredemerFrancois LaurinFrancois ServaninFrancois TrisconiFrank CarneyFrank GardnerFrank HarmstadFrank JelinskiFrank JoyceFrank LearyFrank MarinoFrank SanchezFrank SearchFrans LubinFrantisek ValovicFranz AbeleFranz AlbertFranz ConvalexiusFranz DuboisFranz GschwenderFranz HummelFranz KonradFranz PrentzelFranz-Josef BrohlingFranz-Josef OttenFred LangFred MillerFred PhillipsFred RostergFred StiffFreddy BakerFreddy KottulinskyFrederic AlliotFredy SchnarwillerFrench HickmanFriedhelm CroesFritz HochreuterFritz MullerGabriel RianoGarcia-NaonGarrett WaddellGary BelcherGary WitzenburgGene BothelloGene FeltonGene HarringtonGeoff ThomasGeorg LoosGeorg StummeyerGeorge AldermanGeorge DickinsonGeorge DrolsomGeorge DyerGeorge FollmerGeorge GarciaGeorges BourdillatGerard BleynieGerard MarchalGerard PiresGerd HermannGerhard FetzerGerhard GrethelGerhard HolupGerhard LassigGerhard ReissGiancarlo GagliardiGianfranco BrancatelliGianfranco RicciGianpiero MorettiGijs van LennepGilles SagGilles VilleneuveGiordano PerigoGiorgio FranciaGiorgio PiantaGiorgio SchonGiovanni Del BuonoGiovanni LiseGirolamo CapraGiuseppe BriozzoGlenn BunchGlenn KlimekGlenn WorthingtonGordon SpiceGotz von TschirGotz von TschirnhausGreg NilssonGreg PickettGregg LoomisGregg YoungGrey EgertonGuido LevettoGuillermo OrtegaGunnar NilssonGunter FilthautGunter SteckkonigGunter WintersGunther AppelGunther KnippschildGunther ScherfGunther SchneiderGunther SteckkonigGunther WirzGus RobaynaGustav FischerGuy ChasseuilGuy de Saint-PierreGuy EdwardsGuy FrequelinHagen ArltHal SahlmanHal Shaw JrHan TjanHannes PennartzHans Christian JurgensenHans ErnstHans FrenschHans Georg ErhardtHans HalfmannHans HeyerHans KokHans RieringHans SchnockHans SchullerHans SoldeckHans StuckenbrockHans-Georg BurgerHans-Joachim NowakHans-Joachim StuckHans-Peter MorawietzHans-Rudolf StalderHans-Werner HilgerHans-Wilhelm RidderHarald ErtlHarald GrohsHarald MullerHarald SchwarzHarald von KeszyckiHarald ZimmerHarold WilliamsonHarry BytzekHarry HirschHarry JonesHarry KauffmanHarry SchulzeHarry TheodoracopoulosHartmut BauerHartwig BertramsHeinrich HaagHeinrich HirthHeinrich KellerHeinz GilgesHeinz IsertHeinz Kuhn-WeissHeinz MartinHeinz OchsenfortHeinz PutzHeinz SchaltinatHeinz SchindlerHeinz WeltrowskiHeinz WernerHeinz-Dieter WernerHeinz-Hans HeickerHeinz-Jorgen DahmenHelmut BolzHelmut BrossHelmut GallHelmut HenzlerHelmut HinseHelmut KellenersHelmut KirschofferHelmut KisslingHelmut KlinkhammerHelmut KoiniggHelmut MarkoHelmut TitzHelmut TopflHenning SchmidtHenny HemmesHenri CachiaHenri GrederHenri PescaroloHenri van OorschotHerb JonesHerb Jones JrHerbert BurgmayerHerbert KummleHerbert LabeitHerbert LoeweHerbert MullerHermes DelbarHerve PoulainHerve RegoutHiram CruzHiroshi FushidaHorst BonefeldHorst FuhrersHorst HoffmannHorst KwechHorst SchoeneHorst ZimmerHoward MeisterHowden GanleyHowdy HolmesHoyt OverbaghHubert StriebigHubertus NeumannHugh KleinpeterHughes de FierlandtHughes de FierlantHughes KirschoffHughes KirschofferHurley HaywoodIan BraceyIan GrobIgnacio GonzalezIngvar CarlssonIrv HoerrJ Kurt RoehrigJ.-Peter RustJack BaldwinJack RefenningJack SwansonJack TurnerJacky IckxJacky RavenelJacques AlmerasJacques BerengerJacques BergerJacques BienvenueJacques BorrasJacques GuerinJacques MarcheJakob StrasserJames BaldJamsalJan JirotkaJan LammersJan LundgardhJan SemlbauerJan SenkyrJanet GuthrieJanos TothJaroslav BobekJavier GarciaJean BelinJean BelliardJean BeurlysJean BlatonJean Claude DepinceJean GuichetJean WansartJean XhencevalJean-Claude AndruetJean-Claude AubrietJean-Claude BeringJean-Claude BriavoineJean-Claude GuerieJean-Claude JusticeJean-Claude LefevreJean-Francois VaneyJean-Louis BousquetJean-Louis ChateauJean-Louis LafosseJean-Louis RavenelJean-Louis TrintignantJean-Luc FavresseJean-Marc SequinJean-Marie AlmerasJean-Marie BaertJean-Marie DetrinJean-Paul LibertJean-Pierre DelaunayJean-Pierre JarierJean-Pierre PaoliJef StevensJeff KlineJeff LegrosJeff LovingJeff ScottJeff WoodJens WintherJerry HansenJerry JollyJerry MurchJerry ThompsonJim AdamsJim BorsosJim BusbyJim CookJim DowningJim GandyJim GrobJim MoyerJim RichardsJim SpeckJim TruemanJiri AdamekJiri HakJoachim EgenolfJoachim OppermannJoachim ScheefeldtJochen DauerJochen FelderJochen MassJochen SchrammJoe ChamberlainJoe CrevierJoe JenkinsJoel AndersonJohann AbtJohann SchnablJohannes WollstadtJohn BauerJohn BeasleyJohn BuchingerJohn BuffumJohn CannonJohn CargillJohn CarussoJohn CaseyJohn CooperJohn EvansJohn FitzpatrickJohn GoodspeedJohn GossJohn GravesJohn GreenwoodJohn GunnJohn HastingsJohn HotchkisJohn HulenJohn MortonJohn MyerscoughJohn O SteenJohn OrrJohn PaulJohn Paul JrJohn Rulon-MillerJohn StevensJohn TunstallJohn WinterJohn WoodnerJohnny CecottoJohnny GerberJohnny RutherfordJoie ChitwoodJon DooleyJon MowattJon NormanJon WoodnerJonathan PalmerJorg DenzelJorg DorigJorg HelmigJorg ObermoserJorg SaarkanderJorg SiegristJose MarinaJose-Maria FernandezJosef BrambringJosef MichlJosef SaibelJosef SivikJosef SormanJosef StudenicJosef WilhelmyJosele GarzaJoseph HamiltonJoseph SchwaigerJuan CochesaJuan FernandezJuan MontalvoJuan OliveraJuan-Carlos BolanosJuan-Pablo ZampaJugen OchsenfortJurgen BarthJurgen HamelmannJurgen KannacherJurgen KarichJurgen LassigJurgen MohleJurgen NeuhausJurgen OppermannJurgen PohlmannJurgen ReinkeJurgen SanderJurgen WeilerJurgen ZittKalli HufstadtKarel JilekKarl FraundKarl HurlerKarl MauerKarl OppitzhauserKarl-Heinz BeckerKarl-Heinz ConradKarl-Heinz DalemansKarl-Heinz GurthlerKarl-Heinz HintzKarl-Heinz LeiboldKarl-Heinz SchaferKarl-Heinz TiborKarl-Josef RomerKarl-Ludwig WeissKathy RudeKees NieropKeith FeldottKeith SwopeKen WilliamsKenneth LaGrowKenneth LeimKenper MillerKevin CoganKikos FonsecaKlaus BielerKlaus BohmKlaus BytzekKlaus DreesKlaus FischerKlaus FritzingerKlaus LiegensaKlaus LudwigKlaus NiedzwiedzKlaus UtzKnut JagerKsawery FrankKurt ElgaardKurt FuchsKurt KonigKurt MayerKurt MirerKurt SimonsenLadislav BaresLamar MannLarry GreenLarry PerkinsLarry TrotterLarry WoodLars-Viggo JensenLatariLaurent FerrierLawrie HickmanLee MuellerLella LombardiLen JonesLeo KinnunenLeon WalgerLeopold FischerLili ReisenbichlerLoek VermeulenLogan BlackburnLothar WagnerLou HigginsLouis McAlpineLubomir ValkoLucien GuittenyLudwig HeimrathLudwig Heimrath JrLudwig LinderLudwig NettLuigi ColzaniLuigi MoreschiLuigi TommasiLuis MendezLuis RosalLuis SereixLyn St JamesLyn St. JamesLynn SouthM. L. SpeerMandy GonzalesMandy GonzalezManfred GladbachManfred KilianManfred LaubManfred MohrManfred SchurtiManfred ShurtiManfred TrintManfred WinkelhockMarc DancoseMarc SurerMarcel MignotMarcel PipekMarcel TalbotMarco MicangeliMarco VanoliMargie Smith-HaasMarian RajnohaMarianne HoepfnerMarie-Claude BeaumontMario AmaralMario CasoniMario KettererMario LitricoMario MeierMario RadicellaMario RuosoMark Dorrington NiblettMark HutchinsMark LeuzingerMark PielstickerMark ThatcherMark WacoMark WelchMarkku AlenMarkus HottingerMarkus HotzMartial DelalandeMartin RaymondMartine RenierMartino FinottoMarty HinzeMassimo FaraciMathias BungardMaurice CarterMaurice DantinneMauricio DeNarvaezMaurizio FlamminiMaurizio GelliniMaurizio MicangeliMax CoheMax Cohen OlivarMax JanitschekMax PayneMichael BischoffMichael ChandlerMichael DegenhardtMichael EndressMichael EschmannMichael KeyserMichael KortenMichael MittererMichael OleyarMichael SherwinMichel DegoumoisMichel DelcourtMichel DuboisMichel LeclereMichel SebanMichele AlboretoMichele LauriaMike ChittendenMike FraneyMike FrebergMike HissMike LandrumMike SalmonMike TillsonMike Van der WerffMike WachsMike WildsMikulas SchatzelMilan ZidMilos BychlMiloslav ZapadloMilt MinterMiroslav LochmannMonte SheltonMurray EdwardsNando ParradoNeil CrangNeil SheltonNeil WiernickiNestor Garcia-VeigaNick CrawNick FaureNick RedlyNicoNico DemuthNicolas BuhrerNicolas KoobNiki LaudaNorbert JulicherNorbert NeumannNorm RidgelyNosseOdoardo GovoniOldrich BrunclikOldrich HorsakOldrich VanicekOttmar IckenrothOtto KalbererOve AnderssonPal JoePaolo BozzettoPascal EnnequinPascal MoissonPat BedardPatrick NevePaul BlancpainPaul EdwardsPaul GeisserPaul HaasPaul HeckerPaul HofmannPaul HulverscheidPaul KellerPaul LassnigPaul MillerPaul NewmanPaul NichterPaul WunschPaulo GomesPedro DeNarvaezPepe RomeroPete BrallierPete HalsmerPete HarrisonPete KingPete LovettPeter ArmPeter BernhardPeter BrockPeter C. LovettPeter ErnstPeter GreggPeter HansenPeter HastPeter HennigePeter HoffmannPeter Karl NowakPeter KnabPeter KuhlmannPeter KuhnPeter OberndorferPeter OchsPeter OveringPeter PeschPeter SchmitzPeter SchneebergerPeter SeikelPeter SiebenPeter ValderPeter van ZwamPeter ZbindenPetr MartinovskyPetr SamohylPhil CurrinPhil HennyPhilip KeirnPhilippe AlliotPhilippe CarronPhilippe DagoreauPhilippe de LeenerPhilippe GurdjianPhilippe MenagePiercarlo GhinzaniPiero MonticonePierre DesticPierre DieudonePierre DieudonnPierre DieudonnePierre HoneggerPierre JaminPierre MauroyPierre RubensPierre VaillantPierre-Francois RousselotPietro PolesePookyPreben KristoffersenPreston HennPrince LeopolQuirin BovyR.V. ShulnburgRafael Tarradas-GorsasRaijmond van HoveRainer GeigerRainer HagenmullerRainer ZweibaumerRalf-Dieter SchreiberRalph Kent-CookeRamirezRandolph TownsendRandy EverettRandy LanierRandy TownsendRaniero ValleRay MummeryRay RatcliffRaymond RausRaymond TouroulRaymond Van HoveReine WisellReinhardt StenzelReinhold JoestReinhold PutzRemy MarquetRen TiltonRene MetgeRene RodriguezRene TricotRenzo ZorziRex GreensladeRiccardo PatreseRich SlomaRichard BerkRichard BondRichard BremmekampRichard CleareRichard DownRichard HoffmanRichard JenveyRichard KendrickRichard LederRichard LloydRichard MattozzaRichard OrtmanRichard TurnerRichard ValentineRichard WeissRick HayRick KnoopRick MancusoRick MearsRick ThompkinsRikky von OpelRob JansenRob KirbyRob McFarlinRob RedekerRobert EberhardtRobert HeckenbachRobert KellenbergerRobert KirbyRobert KrekelRobert MorrisRodd HarrisonRodrigo TerranRoger CarmilletRoger DorchyRoger MandevilleRoger MoserRoger PierceRoland EnnequinRoland GehringRolf ArndtRolf BlindRolf GoringRolf KrepschikRolf NothelleRolf RummelRolf StommelenRolf WurstRomain FeitlerRoman FeitlerRomeo CamathiasRon CaseRon CouplandRon GoldleafRon KluitRon ReedRonnie BucknumRonnie PetersonRostislav NedbalekRoy WoodsRudiger DahlhauserRudolf DotschRudolf GulkerRudolf MachanekRudolf StroblRudy BartlingRuedi CaprezRune TobiassonRuss NorburnRusty BondSam FeinsteinSam PoseyScott HoerrScott TaylorSegolenSepp GrinboldSepp ManhalterSepp ReiterSerge GodardSergio RombolottiServe MaassenSidney SmithSiegfried AhlersSiegfried KagelmannSiegfried MullerSiegfried Muller JrSiegfried SpiessSiegmund OgrodowczykSimon de LautourSimon PhillipsSkeeter McKitterickSkip BarberSkip DeAscentisSpartaco DiniSpeedySpencer BuzbeeStefan MarkiStephen BehrSteveSteve DietrichSteve EarleSteve FaulSteve GriswoldSteve O RourkeSteve SouthardStuart GrahamSue Tucker-PeakeSvatopluk KvaizarTanny BoissevainTato FerrerTed FieldTed MatheyTeddy PiletteTeo FabiTeodoro ZeccoliTerry WoltersTetsu IkuzawaThierry PerrierThierry SabineThomas BetzlerThomas LindstromThomas RynoneTico AlmeidaTim GossTim MorganTim SchenkenToine HezemansTom CicconeTom CoronelTom FrankTom KlauslerTom KuenzTom MastersonTom NehlTom StatesTom WalkinshawTom WaughTom WedelTom WintersTony AdamowiczTony DeLorenzoTony DickinsonTony DronTony GarciaTony LanfranchiTony WingroveToon SuykerbuykTripo GolzTuck ThomasUgo MeloniUlrich SchneiderUmberto CalvoUmberto GranoUrs KnechtUrs SchweizerUrs ZondlerUwe ReichVaclav BervidVaclav KralVasek PolakVern SchuppanVic ElfordVic ManuelliVic NormanVictorVince GimondoVit KotasVittorio BrambillaVittorio CiardiVlastimil TomasekVolker ScharfenbergVolkert MerlVolkmar LoewWalt BohrenWalt MaasWalter BrunWalter DonaWalter FreyWalter MaurerWalter NussbaumerWalter PruserWalter RohrlWalter StruckmannWaltraud OdenthalWarren AgorWayne BakerWayne NunnallyWerner ChristmannWerner DittertWerner FrankWerner HeidenWerner SchommersWerner StruckWilfried DymarkowskiWilhelm UrlbauerWillerWilli BergmeisterWilli Hans WeissgerberWilli HatjeWilli SillerWilli SpavettiWilliam BoyerWilliam HendersonWilliam VolleryWilly BraillardWin PercyWinfried VogtWolf-Dieter FeuerleinWolfgang BollerWolfgang BraunWolfgang DimmendaalWolfgang GunetsreinerWolfgang HansenWolfgang JacobsWolfgang KauwertzWolfgang KosterWolfgang KudrassWolfgang MayWolfgang SanderWolfgang SchutzWolfgang WolfXavier LapeyreYoshimi KatayamaYoujiru TeradaZdenek HaladaZdenek MasitaZdenek VojtechZvonimir Jovanovic
Alfa Romeo 2000 GTVAlfa Romeo Alfasud SprintAlfa Romeo Alfetta GTVAlfa Romeo Alfetta GTV Gr5Alfa Romeo GTA Gr5Alfa Romeo GTA JAlfa Romeo GTAmAlpine A110 1600SAlpine A110 1800SAudi 50Audi 80 GTAudi 80 GTEBMW 1602BMW 2002BMW 2002 1.4 TurboBMW 2002 1.7 TurboBMW 2002 Gr5BMW 320iBMW 320i 1.4 TurboBMW 320i 2.0 TurboBMW 320i Gr5BMW CSL 3.0BMW CSL 3.5BMW CSL 3.5 Gr5BMW CSL 3.5 TurboBMW M1BMW M1 Gr5BMW M1 TurboBMW-March M1BMW-Oreca M1BMW-Sauber M1Chevrolet Camaro IChevrolet Camaro IIChevrolet Corvette C2Chevrolet Corvette C3Chevrolet MonzaDatsun 240ZDatsun 280ZXDatsun 280ZX TurboDetomaso PanteraDetomaso Pantera Gr5Ferrari 365GTBFerrari 512BB/LMFiat 128Ford Capri III 1.4 TurboFord Capri III 1.7 TurboFord Capri RS 2600Ford Capri RS 3100Ford Escort 1.3 BDAFord Escort II RSFord Escort II RS 1.4 TurboFord Escort II RS Gr5Ford Escort RSFord Escort RS Gr5Ford Mustang CobraFord Mustang TurboGreenwood CorvetteJaguar XJSJaguar XKELancia Beta 1.4 TurboLancia Beta 1.7 TurboLancia Stratos HFLancia Stratos HF TurboLotus ElanLotus Esprit S1Lotus Esprit S1 TurboMazda RX7Mazda RX7 253iMini 1275GTMini Cooper S 1.3Opel Kadett GTEOpel Kadett GTE Gr5Porsche 911 RSPorsche 911 RSRPorsche 911 SPorsche 914 TurboPorsche 914/4Porsche 914/6Porsche 924 GTPorsche 924 GTRPorsche 934Porsche 934/5Porsche 935 JPorsche 935 JLP-1Porsche 935 JLP-2Porsche 935 K1Porsche 935 K2Porsche 935 K3Porsche 935 L1Porsche 935 M16Porsche 935/76Porsche 935/77Porsche 935/77 2.0Porsche 935/77APorsche 935/77A2Porsche 935/78Porsche 935/78-81Porsche 935/79Porsche 935/80Porsche 944 LMPorsche Carrera RSR turboShelby GT-350Simca Rallye 2Simca Rallye 3Skoda 130RSTalbot Rallye 2Toyota CelicaToyota Celica Gr5Toyota Celica TurboVW GolfVW PoloVW Scirocco
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Renngemeinschaft Bergisch-Gladbach BMW 1602 Ottmar Ickenroth
European Touring Car Championship 1977
ETCC 1977
Renngemeinschaft Bergisch-Gladbach BMW 1602 Ottmar Ickenroth Richard Bremmekamp
Team Besico BMW 1602 Nick Redly
European Touring Car Championship 1978
ETCC 1978
Team Besico BMW 1602 Nick Redly Bernd Siller Willi Siller
Team Besico BMW 1602 Bernd Siller
European Touring Car Championship 1979
ETCC 1979
Team Besico BMW 1602 Bernd Siller Willi Siller Nick Redly
Team Besico BMW 1602 Nick Redly
European Touring Car Championship 1980
ETCC 1980
Team Besico BMW 1602 Nick Redly Bernd Siller Willi Siller
Napolina Alfa Romeo Team Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Jon Dooley
European Touring Car Championship 1980
ETCC 1980
Napolina Alfa Romeo Team Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Jon Dooley Rob Kirby
Napolina Alfa Romeo Team Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Rob Kirby
European Touring Car Championship 1981
ETCC 1981
Napolina Alfa Romeo Team Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Rob Kirby Jon Dooley
Richard Mattozza Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Richard Mattozza
European Touring Car Championship 1980
ETCC 1980
Richard Mattozza Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Richard Mattozza Pierre Jamin
Richard Mattozza Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Richard Mattozza
European Touring Car Championship 1979
ETCC 1979
Richard Mattozza Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Richard Mattozza Michel Leclere
Richard Mattozza Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Richard Mattozza
European Touring Car Championship 1978
ETCC 1978
Richard Mattozza Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Richard Mattozza Jacques Berger
Team 43/70 Autodelta Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Edouardo Marquez
European Touring Car Championship 1977
ETCC 1977
Team 43/70 Autodelta Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Edouardo Marquez Nando Parrado
Team 43/70 Autodelta Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Eugenio Breard
European Touring Car Championship 1977
ETCC 1977
Team 43/70 Autodelta Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Eugenio Breard Juan-Pablo Zampa
Jolly Club Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Amerigo Bigliazzi
European Touring Car Championship 1981
ETCC 1981
Jolly Club Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Amerigo Bigliazzi Richard Mattozza
Jolly Club Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Amerigo Bigliazzi
European Touring Car Championship 1980
ETCC 1980
Jolly Club Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Amerigo Bigliazzi Danilo Furielli
Paul Hofmann Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Paul Hofmann
European Touring Car Championship 1979
ETCC 1979
Paul Hofmann Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Paul Hofmann Volkmar Loew
Napolina Alfa Romeo Team Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Rex Greenslade
European Touring Car Championship 1978
ETCC 1978
Napolina Alfa Romeo Team Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Rex Greenslade John Myerscough
Napolina Alfa Romeo Team Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint John Myerscough
European Touring Car Championship 1977
ETCC 1977
Napolina Alfa Romeo Team Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint John Myerscough Rex Greenslade
Autohaus Gleich Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Dieter Gleich
European Touring Car Championship 1977
ETCC 1977
Autohaus Gleich Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Dieter Gleich Helmut Kelleners
AMK SSZ Praha Skoda 130RS Jan Jirotka
European Touring Car Championship 1977
ETCC 1977
AMK SSZ Praha Skoda 130RS Jan Jirotka Petr Martinovsky
AZNP Mlada Boleslav Skoda 130RS Milan Zid
European Touring Car Championship 1977
ETCC 1977
AZNP Mlada Boleslav Skoda 130RS Milan Zid Oldrich Brunclik
AMK AZNP Mlada Boleslav Skoda 130RS Vaclav Kral
European Touring Car Championship 1980
ETCC 1980
AMK AZNP Mlada Boleslav Skoda 130RS Vaclav Kral Jan Semlbauer
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Including all years from 1974 to 1981

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About Brickyard Legends team


Brickyard Legends team's members are fans of racing simulations and history who decided to make mods in the Group 5 era of racing, the years of the turbo GTs from 1974 to 1981. The platforms used are mainly Simbin's games - released mods are for GT Legends platform. GROUP5 ERA mod though is made for GTR2, including almost all work done for GT Legends plus many more new features.

Have fun browsing through all championships grids, racing teams, drivers, cars for all seven years included in the Goup5 ERA mod the Brickyard Legends team prepares - all with photos of the cars ingame. Check the team's news about new mods for GT Legends and get information for the upcoming GROUP5 ERA mod content.

GROUP5 ERA mod represents four major championships and one single race from 1974 to 1981 :

World Championship for Makes (WCM), European Touring Car Championship (ETCC), International Motor Sports Association (IMSA), Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft (DRM), and Le Mans 24hrs (LM24).

The cars vary from Group2 Touring cars like the Ford Escort or the BMW 2002 and 320i, to Group4 GT cars like the Porsche 934 or the BMW M1 and, of course, the Group5 class racing cars like the Porsche 935 Turbo and its 17 variations, the Ford Capri III Turbo, the BMW 320i Turbo, the Lancia Beta Turbo or the American AAGT race cars - Chevrolet Camaros, Greenwood Corvettes and Dekon Monzas.

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The World Sportscar Championship was the world series run for sports car racing - a professional racing series where the world's largest automakers spent millions of dollars per year.

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The European Touring Car Challenge started in 1963 - cars competed under FIA Group 2 Touring Car regulations which allowed a variety of cars to race together.

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The series debuted in 1971. It was originally aimed at two car categories, GTO and GTU. In 1977 IMSA permitted turbocharged cars in GTX class.

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DRM was a German Touring car and Sportscar racing series. It began in 1972 with Gr2 and Gr4 cars racing in two divisions. In 1977 Gr5 cars were admitted into the series.

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Group5 ERA mod Content

There are 112 race cars in Group2, Group4 or Group5 form, a total of 857 teams separated by championship and year. We included almost all champions and best teams in every championship for every year (and many, many others) - the virtual "racing tour" represents each of these races with 20 to 50 teams available to choose from.

There are 1259 drivers to take their virtual racing seat such as Peter Gregg, Bob Wollek, John Fitzpatrick, Jacky Ickx, Al Holbert, Hans Heyer, Klaus Ludwig, Rolf Stommelen, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Harald Ertl, Jochen Mass, Walter Rohrl, Michele Alboreto, Riccardo Patrese, Carlo Facetti or Gilles Villeneuve to mention some.

Group5 ERA mod Team

Brickyard Legends Team

  • papag21 - 3D, mapping, file structure, templates, textures, painting
  • greg7 - physics, researching, optimizing, testing
  • rallymaster - physics, testing
  • jandri - sounds
  • kiwisteve - templates, painting
  • PATRICE LEBIEZ - painting
  • Soze - painting
  • ericgtl - painting
  • Ney.Dias - testing

Protobuilders Team & BLT friends

  • gravin - physics
  • Nappe1 - physics
  • vivemclaren - 3D
  • dbstreet - 3D
  • jcrr, whoops, Ned - painting
  • mildrew, rsvmille - sounds
  • ga2jo, Thy, B8man - testing

Group5 ERA mod Statistics



Total Teams : 226

Painted Teams : 188



Total Teams : 591

Painted Teams : 552



Total Teams : 362

Painted Teams : 327



Total Teams : 403

Painted Teams : 385

Group5 ERA mod Championships

World Championship for Makes Total Teams 226

Year Gr4 Gr5
1976 13 26
1977 5 33
1978 7 28
1979 8 28
1980 10 29
1981 9 30

International Motor Sports Association Total Teams 591

1974 20 44
1975 22 51
1976 20 52
1977 16 55
1978 17 21 36
1979 21 17 40
1980 27 18 34
1981 21 28 31

European Touring Car Championship Total Teams 362

Year Div4 Div3 Div2 Div1
1974 15 14 8 8
1975 13 14 10 9
1976 7 19 12 7
1977 21 16 12
1978 15 16 15
1979 15 15 13
1980 16 16 14
1981 15 10 17

Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft Total Teams 403

Year Gr2 Div2 Gr4 Div1
1974 14 23
1975 22 26
1976 24 23
1977 26 7 18
1978 27 5 21
1979 7 24 12 13
1980 9 21 10 15
1981 12 16 9 19

Group5 ERA mod Grids

Start up Grids for each Championship / Year Total Teams (#not painted)

Click on any grid for more information.

Total Team Entries : 1782 | Total Teams : 857 | Total Drivers : 1259 | Total Cars : 112

Most Frequent Teams

Team Races
Gelo Racing Team Georg Loos 36
Porsche Kremer Racing 34
Team Zakspeed 31
Jagermeister Racing Team 29
Dick Barbour Racing 18
Valvoline Deutschland 16
Martini Racing 15
BMW Motorsport GmbH 14
Interscope Racing 14
Whittington Brothers 13

Most Drivers by Team

Team Drivers
Porsche Kremer Racing 36
Team Zakspeed 26
Dick Barbour Racing 24
Gelo Racing Team Georg Loos 22
Jagermeister Racing Team 20
Martini Racing 18
Valvoline Deutschland 17
ASA Cachia 17
Faltz-Alpina Essen 17
Luigi Racing 16

Most Cars by Team

Team Cars
Jagermeister Racing Team 9
Valvoline Deutschland 8
Porsche Kremer Racing 8
BMW Motorsport GmbH 7
Jolly Club 6
Martini Racing 6
Gelo Racing Team Georg Loos 6
Interscope Racing 6
Vasek Polak Racing 6
Mampe Ford Zakspeed Team 5

Most Frequent Drivers

Driver Races
Hans Heyer 26
John Fitzpatrick 24
Martino Finotto 21
Manfred Schurti 20
Claude Haldi 20
Klaus Ludwig 18
Bob Wollek 17
Harald Grohs 17
Dieter Quester 17
Carlo Facetti 16

Most Teams by Driver

Driver Teams
John Fitzpatrick 13
Dieter Quester 13
Edgar Doren 11
Claude Ballot-Lena 11
Harald Grohs 11
Manfred Winkelhock 10
Klaus Ludwig 10
Rolf Stommelen 10
Hurley Haywood 9
Albrecht Krebs 9

Most Cars by Driver

Driver Cars
Hans Heyer 13
Manfred Schurti 12
Klaus Ludwig 11
Jim Busby 10
Hans-Joachim Stuck 10
Rolf Stommelen 10
Toine Hezemans 9
Peter Gregg 9
Jochen Mass 8
Bob Wollek 8

Most Frequent Cars

Car Races
Porsche 911 RSR 168
Porsche 934 96
Porsche 935/77A 76
BMW 2002 71
Porsche 935 K3 63
Porsche 935/77A2 57
BMW 320i Gr5 56
Chevrolet Corvette C3 55
BMW CSL 3.0 53
Chevrolet Camaro II 50

Most Teams by Car

Car Teams
Porsche 911 RSR 111
Porsche 934 51
BMW 2002 45
Porsche 935/77A 43
Chevrolet Corvette C3 41
Porsche 911 RS 38
BMW M1 35
BMW 320i Gr5 31
Chevrolet Camaro II 31
VW Scirocco 29

Most Drivers by Car

Car Drivers
Porsche 911 RSR 200
Porsche 934 119
Porsche 935/77A 88
BMW CSL 3.0 75
BMW 2002 71
Porsche 935 K3 57
Chevrolet Corvette C3 56
Porsche 935/77A2 55
BMW M1 50
Chevrolet Camaro II 50

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The team will be happy to know if you feel you can contribute to the Group5 ERA mod conversion to newer platforms or be a part of the GTR2 version as a tester or a modder.

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